Crystal Meanings

Focusing on the crystals and stones that I use in my many creations, here are the Crystal Meanings listed out Alphabetically.  Please understand this is a brief list of each crystals meanings and information for your convenience.  I do not have all the stones and crystals I use listed here, yet.  It is a work in progress.  

Also, this info is not for diagnosing or treating medical conditions please always seek a doctors care for medical conditions.  Thank you for shopping.

Crystal Meanings

Agate Meaning


Agate meaning - Composure, maturity, soothing energies, healing, peace and protection.  I have used agate mainly in my ceiling fan pulls.  Which is a great crystal to have in the center of a room.  Picture example.

Amazonite Meaning


   Amazonite meaning - an energy filter that wards off bad thoughts and deeds and helps clear up muddled minds, increase creativity, assists in manifesting what you want. This pic has amazonite round/square  

Amethyst Meaning


 Amethyst meaning - spiritual protection, purification. Cleanses negative energies, influences. Protective barrier to psychic attack. I use Amethyst a lot.  

Aventurine Meaning


Aventurine meaning - soothing energies, forgiveness, helps one feel more at home and relieves anxiety. 

Copper Meaning


 Copper meaning - stimulate energy flow, enhance psychic abilities, grounding, amplifier, healing. I use heart beads and faceted beads made of copper. Its expensive so I use it spareingly. 

Crystals Meaning


   Crystals that are man made are not to be lightly discounted as they do have properties that magnify the effects of any natural crystals/stones they are paired with and add visual appeal. I use swarovski, austrian, czech, chinese, american, and artisan hand blown glass beads on occasion.   

More Crystal Meanings

Fluorite Meaning


Fluorite meaning - strong in psychic protection, can shut down outside mental or psychic manipulation. Gets rid of electromagnetic fog, brings calmness, relieves anxiety.  I use mostly clear, purple, green colors of fluorite. 

Hematite Meaning



Hematite meaning - grounding, protective dispels negative energies, aids in practical thinking increases logical thinking, 

Howlite Meaning



Howlite Meaning naturally occuring in white or greys it has a nice matrix and is often dyed like turquoise and sold as turquoise. Howlite enhances truth, wisdom, enlightenment, calming.

Lava Stone Meaning


Lava Stone Meaning – lava stone is naturally greyish black porous. Is grounding strength courage stability, calming and dissipates anger.

Opalite Meaning



Opalite Meaning – is a man made glass primarily for jewelry making. increases business success, healing, peaceful soothing, energizing.

Pyrite Meaning


Pyrite Meaning - protection wards off negativity, stimulates action, strength of will, vitality, increases motivation.