Welcome to our Ear-rings Section. 

I design and create stunning energetic jewelry that imbues the wearer with crystal properties enhancing ones spiritual or metaphysical journey.  I use all kinds of crystals from natural semi precious crystals to Swarovski and other crystals, polished shell beads, pearls and metal beads in a myriad of combinations that are thought out for maximum visual and energetic benefits.  

Custom orders are also welcome.  Enjoy and Thank you for your time shopping here.  A portion of each sale helps support www.makinguplostground.com a website for abuse and trauma survivors. 


Papua Shell and Evil Eye Ear-rings


Papua Shell with Crystal and Evil Eye Protection Charm Ear-rings is $16.00

Papua Shell and Hamsa Ear-rings


Papua Shell with Hamsa Hand protection and crystals is $16.00

Papua Shell and Heart Ear-rings


Papua Shell and Crystal Heart Ear-rings is $16.00


Papua Shell and Acorn Ear-rings


Papua Shell with Cube Crystal and Acorn Ear-rings $16.00

Tigers Eye Ear-rings


Tigers Eye Large Round with faceted crystal Ear-rings is $16.00

Rescue Feather Ear-Rings only available once a year in limited supplies


These are rescue feathers from rehabilitation centers when birds molt. Sizes and availability vary. $20.00