Policies and Additonal information

Policies and Additional Information

I make everything at my home with great care and lots of love.  I purchase supplies from reliable sources.  I double check my work before I send it out.  If something is not right I will make it right but only after investigating whats what to eliminate fraudulent returns.

Return Policy - All Sales are Final.  Unless there are manufacturers defects on the individual components.  I make the jewelry and costumes myself.  If there is something wrong with the manufacturing that I have not seen when I quality control checked it send me a photo and we can begin investigating whether your purchase was damaged in shipping which is a postal claim or if it truly is a manufacturers defect.  

Crystal Properties/Symbol Meanings - Crystals have properties that I believe can help people in myriad of ways.  Crystal Properties and Symbols can act as catalysts and should never replace medical intervention where your physical or mental health are concerned.  These are meant for entertainment and spiritual purposes.  If you have health problems of any kind please seek out professional medical care.  If you want to bring mindfulness to the forefront or use a crystals properties as a catalyst to propel you forward or work on metaphysical matters feel free to shop to your hearts content as I put a great deal of thought into creating beautiful energetic pieces of jewelry, suncatchers, eyeglass chains, ceiling fan pulls and chakra bead bookmarks.