Symbol Meanings

Symbols play a role in our human psyche and have been impacting our lives for thousands of years.  What do the symbols mean? I have listed the symbol picture and meanings as relating to the jewelry that I make.  Thank you for shopping.

Symbols Meanings

Dragonfly Meaning


Dragonfly symbol meanings - change, wisdom of transformation, adaptability in life, connection with natures spirits and fairy realm, joy & lightness of being.

Turtle Meaning


Turtle symbol meanings - symbol of the earth, staying grounded, slowing down, pacing yourself, determination, persistence, emotional strength and understanding, ancient wisdom. symbol meanings

Goddess Meaning


Goddess symbol meanings - wellspring of life, fertility, stability, power, fulfillment, giving and compassionate.

Acorn Meaning

Acorn symbol meanings

Acorn symbol meanings - The acorn is a symbol of growth, unlimited potential, living within the seasons with grace & harmony, like roots of an oak there is much to our spiritual life that is unseen yet influences our lives.

Evil Eye Meaning

Evil Eye Symbol meaning

Evil Eye symbol meaning - An ancient symbol to ward off the evil eye cast upon you from jealous, envious or malicious persons with bad intentions directed at you intentional or not

Yin Yang Meaning

Yin Yang Symbol Meaning

Yin Yang Symbol meanings - An ancient symbol that shows how opposite or contrary forces may actually be complimentary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world.

More Symbols Meanings

Om Symbol Meaning

om symbol meaning

Om Symbol Meaning - The Om is   

a mystic and most sacred syllable, symbol, or mantra in Hinduism, that signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness, representing the union of mind, body and spirit. 

Lotus Symbol Meaning

lotus symbol meaning


Lotus Flower Symbol Meaning – lotus bloom out of dirty waters metaphoric for making the most of your life and thriving, rising above, beauty, grace, victory, strength, ascension, passion.

Pentagram Symbol Meaning



Pentagram Symbol Meaning ancient symbol that's been used by many cultures, religions currently it is associated with the mystical and is used for protection. The points represent the 5 elements in life in eastern religions. 

Triskele Symbol Meaning

triskele/triskelion/triple spiral symbol meaning

Triskele/Triskelion/Triple Spiral – Ancient Celtic Symbol signifying motion and energies of cycles, action, progress; life death rebirth, spirit mind body, past present future, power intellect love, creation preservation destruction.

Tree of Life Symbol Meaning



Tree of Life – Ancient Celtic symbol meaning power, balance, harmony, provision, shelter, food, medicine. Long life, wisdom, guard the land, doorways to the spirit realm.

Note on Application of Symbols

application of symbols

Symbols can be a reminder to stay mindful and focused. Symbols can be a catalyst.  Symbols can be used in creative and powerful ways to uplift, create upward spirals and move one forward in life.